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Health, Exercise and Nutrition Coaching

Dr Matt Hancock, the “Shapesmith”, is a Health & Performance Coach.


He has a PhD in Sports Science from the University of Bath and has worked with everyone from Bristol Rovers Football Club to England Rugby and the Military.


Whilst he has worked with a wide variety of elite athletes, he is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and believes that physical and mental health are inter-linked. 


Matt is able to work in-person or online but always starts with an initial consultation, where he and his clients are able to get to know each other and establish what it is that they want to achieve. In many cases, clients are not sure what they should be aiming for, so this time enables him to help identify realistic and sustainable targets.


Following the consultation, bespoke sessions, priced at £75 per hour, are created. These may focus on Strength & Conditioning, where sessions can be run or planned to help develop an individual’s fitness, or Nutrition, where he can help clients to better understand and improve their diet. 


Regardless, the principles of Sports Science, the science behind exercise and health, will be applied, providing clients with data to help them understand their progress. Matt is also passionate about education; whether you are new to the gym or an elite athlete, he feels that it is important to help you understand why you are doing what you are doing, so that you are able to sustain the progress made long-term, not just while you are working with him. 


Whether you wish to lose weight, improve your confidence in the gym or prepare for an event, please feel free to contact the “Shapesmith” at  hancockmatt@yahoo.co.uk or on 07533723356.


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