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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walking Therapy is available for anyone who prefers to work outside. Although the option to move inside or online is alway available. Some people find being in a room confining or distressing and others prefer to be in nature. The therapy room is not the best place for everyone and walking and talking can provide a better experience.


The first session (Sessions are an hour long) would be either at my practice or online so that I can find out about what you would like to talk about and start to find out about you.  We can discuss any concerns you may have as well as discussing any mobility or medical needs, physical access and levels of fitness. This information allows me to design the session with your individual needs in mind.


I offer sessions walking by or on the beach in Exmouth and if you think you may be interested but want to know more please feel free to contact me on jane@eastdevoncounsellingservice.co.uk  to ask any questions.


Sessions currently start and finish at Foxholes Carpark on Exmouth sea front as there are toilet facilities and hand sanitiser available there.

Foxholes car park location


The impact of natural environments, particularly being near water, improves mental wellbeing…’Vitamin W’


Being able to see open water automatically brings about positive feelings in the body and engages our ‘parasympathetic’ responses which are the opposite to our ‘fight or flight’ system in which many of us spend too much time, struggling with high levels of anxiety. In this environment our brains can see that there is no ‘threat’ as there is an open view and so we feel calm and relaxed (1)


The importance of being in nature is that it is beneficial to human health (mental and physical) reducing stress, improving attention and promoting well-being. Research (2) suggests that the more we have become distanced from the outside environment the more we suffer from anxiety and depression.


When a person takes part in outside activities this leads to a feeling of wellbeing with restored ability to focus and manage life in general (3).

Should you wish to discuss Walking Therapy I am happy to talk it though with no obligation to book an appointment.



Please follow this link to an article from the Charity 'Mind"







(1) Psychoevolutionary theory of stress reduction Ulrich (1983)

(2) Kidner (2007)

(3) Attention Restoration Theory Kaplan and Kaplan (1989)

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