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Onsite Trauma Support

I offer onsite Trauma support using psychological first aid.


This is usually offered to teams/groups in the workplace following the unexpected death of an employee, an on-the-job serious injury or death, random acts of violence such as robbery or assault or any incident which leaves the group experiencing a level of trauma. It can also be helpful following the restructuring/reduction of the workforce.


It is usually requested in the first few days after the event and is helpful in helping anyone involved to processing it, promoting self care and offering support to the group involved. 






Some normal responses to Trauma 


Some of the Emotional reactions such as shock, anxiety, sadness, overwhelm, fear and uncertainly go hand in hand with Cognitive reactions such as confusion, shortened attention span, unwanted memories or indecisiveness and Behavioural reactions such as irritability, argumentative behaviour, withdrawal, loss of interest and unhelpful coping mechaisms such as increased drinking or smoking.


There are also Physical reactions some of which are headaches, stomach pain, tightness in the chest, muscle pain, pounding heart, rapid breathing, disturbed sleep or upsetting thoughts and dreams.


There is no simple fix to make things better immediately but actions incorprated in psychological first aid can help the individuals cope better and heal from the traumatic event.


Please contact me for further information and fees for hourly rate, day or half day support.







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